A Typical Italian Tale

A brief history of our Family Salmaso

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From a large family of peasant origins, in the province of Padua, Raffaele and Giuseppe Salmaso moved to Venice in 1954. These were years of hard sacrifices, away from their families, but that will lay the foundation of a tradition which is still preserved today.

Achieved a few years later by their wives, Tosca and Savina, transformed what at that time was a small local "ombre and cicchetti" in the renowned Ristorante da Raffaele. Venice became their adopted city.

The passion for hospitality and catering, transmitted to children Renato, Giovanna, Stefania and Andrea, means that even today the Salmaso Family personally manage their business, in confident expectation of next generation grow...

  • Hotel Ala, located in the real heart of Venice, where you can also end the evening with a drink in its American Bar Tarnowska's ... a fascinating premises, born from the fusion of history and mystery surrounding the figure of Maria Tarnowska;
  • Pensione Accademia, with its charming atmosphere and gardens;
  • Ristorante da Raffaele, with its romantic terrace along the Rio de le Ostreghe;
  • Locanda de la Spada, on the Grand Canal;
  • Accommodation at Residenza Ae Ostreghe and tourist apartments.

Vision and Values

  • 40 Open-mindy people daily working together with SALMASO GUYS since 20-30 and even more years is our secret (no outsourcing in our House).
  • Thus, the natural consequence of well-being at work is reflected on our Customers.
  • We strive to be dynamic and young-mindy.
  • The Ala is yearly partly remodeled.

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